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Rust is an industrial disease without a cure ... just like cancer. While the traditional method of sandblasting and priming may restore corroded structures until the problem inevitably occurs again, it is not long before the process of repeatedly restoring corroded structures exceeds the original cost of the structure.

Caused when corrosive elements in the atmosphere such as acidic fumes, sulfur particles, caustic dust, chlorine and salt collect on painted surfaces and are activated by dew and condensation, rust weakens underlying metals considerably. Temperature changes exacerbate the problem when contraction and expansion of the structure cause surface paint to crack and split, exposing the underlying metals to the corrosive elements.


Before we look at the how to treating rust, we need to agree:

  1. Rust cannot be converted back into 'solid' metal.
  2. Once metal has been rusted, it contains larger and more plentiful flaws that make the metal vulnerable to rusting again.